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Photo Title: Sexy Google Maps With jQuery (Interactive Maps Version)
Sexy Google Maps With jQuery (Interactive Maps Version)

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Photo ID: 3336
Gallery ID: 102 - jQuery JavaScript
Photo Title: Sexy Google Maps With jQuery (Interactive Maps Version)
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Sexy Google Maps With jQuery (Interactive Maps Version)

Script Name: Sexy Google Maps With jQuery (Interactive Maps Version)
Version: 1.0

License: Commercial License. You're allowed to use the script on one domain name per license purchased.

Official Website:

This script helps to present a Google Maps to your visitors without change the website layout. When mouse over the address link, a thumbnail of the address will be displayed. When click on the address link, a large Google Maps will popup on the screen. The details of the maps could be seen from the popups.


Demo is available at the URL below:

Installation Guide

Step 1: Upload the folder "sexy_gmaps" and all files under it to your web server.

Step 2: Add the code below in between the web page <header> ... </header> tags:

<script src="sexy_gmaps/jquery.1.7.min.js" type="text/javascript" /></script>

<script src="sexy_gmaps/sexy_gmaps.min.js" type="text/javascript" /></script>

<link href="sexy_gmaps/sexy_gmaps.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Step 3:
Convert your address to decimal-based latitude and longitude coordinates. Please goto the url:

Step 4:
Replace the latitude and longitude coordinates in below code and put it on anywhere that you want it to be displayed.

<a href="#" class="sexy_gmaps" rel="33.8095512,-117.9276538" title="The Address Title">My Location Link </a>


Latitude and Longitude must be in decimal-based and separated by the symbol ",".

The Address Title: The title will be applied on the popup screen.

My Location Link: Could be changed to any text, your own image or icon.

Google Maps Usage Limits

The script is developed with newest Google Maps JavaScript API v3. Google has set a limitation of their maps free access. For-profit web sites are permitted to generate up to 25,000 map loads per day by using the Google Maps JavaScript API v3. If your sites that exceed the limits, you'll need to purchase a Google Maps API for Business license from Google Inc. and you need to do it by yourself.

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